200 Ideas for Making Money Online

200 Ideas for Making Money Online

Learning how to make money online, can often be tricky.


There are often pieces of advice such as ‘use your skills’, ‘start a side hustle’ or ‘sell things you don’t use anymore’. These are useful ideas for making money, and pretty simple, but they aren’t going to make you a lot of money.n


We’ve looked across the web and found 5 amazing articles to bring you over 200 simple and easy ideas of How to Make Money Online!n


We’re not going to repeat the ideas in this article, but we will snippet a few below for you — right at the bottom of this article you can get the links to the articles! Trust us when we say these articles are amazing!


Idea to Make Money Online 1 — Website Testing

A way to make money from home is on sites like http://UserTesting.com. You get paid for your thoughts on how well — or not so well — certain websites and apps worked.n


You’ll have to pass a short test to be accepted, then you’ll be paid $10 for each 20-minute test, which involves a recording and answering four follow-up written questions. Or you could earn up to $120 to participate in a video conversation with a customer after your test.[1]


Idea for Making Money Online 2 — Create How To Videos

“In recent years, YouTube has grown into the go-to source for all manner of video courses and guides,” says International Living. In 2022, SEO Andy launched it’s own Podcast (The SEO Andy Podcast) we make a small amount of money through ads on the podcast – not Adsense but partners advertising! Check it out on Youtube (please subscribe!)n


“Instructors can monetize their videos by charging a subscription fee or password protecting content for paying customers only.” This article shares some tips from one real estate agent who made $100,000 in one month on YouTube.n


Another piece of advice from International Living: Get to know the phrases that people search for. To find potential search phrases, start typing “how to [your topic]” into YouTube’s search bar and notice what phrases are generated in the auto-fill dropdown. Make sure to use the same keywords when you write your video title, description, and tags.[2]


Idea for Creating Passive Income Online 3 — Create an Online Course

Sharing knowledge is one of the best ways to make money online. If you’re an expert on a subject, you can monetize your knowledge by creating courses online.n


You can sell your course on Udemy or, if you already have your own audience, on your own website.[3]


Idea for Home-based Online Income 4 — Resell SEO Services

SEO Services are in high demand following the Covid Pandemic and as more businesses go online, and continue to flourish.


If you are technically minded, or perhaps build websites, you could add a string to your bow and begin to offer SEO services through a third-party (such as SEO Andy) – these are known as Reseller SEO Services. You simply pay the fee for a block of hours, add your own margin when you sell them to your own clients.


Idea for Making Money for Online 5 — Sell Your Amazing Photos

If you’ve got some really great photos on your phone or digital camera, sell them.n


iStock is owned by GettyImages, one of the world’s biggest photo-sharing sites, and they’re always on the look out for high quality, authentic-looking photos. GettyImages can sell your photos for you when you sign up as a contributor.[5]

Why I Stopped Writing “How To” Articles

Why I Stopped Writing “How To” Articles

The Truth Behind The Millions of Articles

Why I Stopped Writing “How To” Articles

The Truth Behind The Millions of Articles

Look, I’m not going to lie — I’m an SEO responsible for writing hundreds of guides over the last 15 years. I am responsible for educating many others via direct in-person training and articles about how to write and perform SEO, but something that has always bugged me is when people talk about “how to cheat the algorithm,” and that goes for getting to number one on Google, getting a bigger readership here on medium, getting more interactions on social media or anything else.

One of those ‘cheat the algorithms’ recently tripped a red-line with me recently. The idea the “how to” articles were somehow the gold standard method of getting to almost any audience.

The reason this idea exists is pretty simple.

How To as a search term when mixed with almost any other keyword in a search term will have a great search volume.

Lets just look at some of the stats from the top Medium articles which contain How To as the first words in their title. (i’ve removed political posts)

How to think like a programmer — 299 comments — 211K claps

How to wake up at 5AM every day — 307 comments — 70K claps

How to encrypt your life — 339 comments — 71K claps

How to identify a smart person in 3mins — 455 comments — 58K claps

How to know if you’re really in love — 436 comments — 96K claps

What we can see from these are they are likely step-by-step guides, they are tagging on something your life (skills, sleep, identity & love) and they all from this have gained great traction.

All of these remain the top of the “how to” search despite being from 2017 & 2016 … so the question is — is How to really gaining that much traction on this platform, or in any platform — does high search volume mean anything? Or is all that search volume going to posts just like these?

And look i know the stats above aren’t the key metrics on Medium or anywhere else but it’s easy to see they are successful.

Why am I quitting the world of How To articles?

The reality is the world is changing.

The reason I gave the examples above wasn’t just because they used the words HOW TO but because they were mostly guides and not how I would now present a guide, and not how I would suggest using the HOW TO terminology.

Today we live in a world of mobile internet.

How much of the internet is mobile

src: Smart Insights

You may wonder what this means for search and its pretty simple.

It means search has changed.

Instead of searching with one or two keywords or phrases (though that still happens sometimes) people on mobile will often use a full question, in particular when they use voice search.

This is why the HOW TO phrasing around guides doesn’t really work, unless its a recipe for example or something like that.

And even then there are better titles to present than HOW TO MAKE X or HOW TO BUILD X. There are literally thousands of those, they are often defunct and 5, 10, 15 years old offering little in value.

Instead now is the time to dump the HOW TO terminology, and pick up different title formats. Using HOW TO only to answer questions directly or for one-off guide articles rather than all of them.

Some alternative styles could be:

The richest chocolate brownies, my recipe

Chocolate Brown Tray Bake, my recipe shared

Chocolate fudge brownie recipe shared

From an SEO Meta Title view you could use the following formats:

Recipe: Gorgeous Chocolate Brownies in X Minutes

Tray Bake Chocolate Brownie | X Minutes | Recipe

Gorgeous Chocolate Brownies | Easy Tray Bake | Recipe

seo for medium

The Right Place, The Right Time

You’re probably thinking right now, “so he isn’t quitting HOW TO then?”

So let’s be clear on this.

How To for Guides: this is out. Here is why…

This may get you some traction rarely on your blog, here on medium, via some youtube videos — but the world is saturated with these, its almost impossible to get these guides to get real traction here on Medium (to make money from them on MPP) or to get any google rankings these days. Add to this search is changing and it makes zero sense to remain using this terminology.

How To for Questions: this is in. Here is why…

Search has changed, voice search continues to increase with Siri, Google Voice, Alexa etc — both on mobile and in-home. The reality is this is going to drive the need for quick answers (you can deliver through these articles and adding things like Schema to your articles). But more than that actually using great titles which deliver answers in your body, deliver great user experience will bring people back to your website (blog) — and if you are a member of MPP, you will gain more traction (followers, and even convert people to Medium getting bounties).

The Cheat Sheet for Writing Better on Medium

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