The SEO Andy Podcast

Episode 3 – New Indexing Protocol for Website Owners – IndexNow

In this episode Andy discusses the new Search Engine Indexing protocol which allows Website Owners and Content Creators to ask search engines to index content with priority. The new protocol can be used across content which has been updated, added or deleted.

Andy discusses how the IndexNow protocol can help website owners of all types, from bloggers to e-commerce – why website owners may want to implement this today and what the best methods are currently to implement the IndexNow protocol (plugins and CDNs).

You can learn more about the IndexNow protocol via

The SEO Andy Podcast

A Podcast for Website Owners and Creators

For the past few years I had procrastinated on the idea of creating an SEO podcast based around talking about what I teach and talk to my clients about.

In reality, what always put me off wasn’t that it was a ‘bad idea’ but that I was bias into think there was already a deeply saturated market for what I intended to create.

Who My SEO Podcast Is For?

My podcast has two audiences: Website Owners (or Business Owners) and Content Creators.

These targets are not the traditional SEO Podcast target audience, which more commonly are: Other SEO’s, Those in the Web World (perhaps web designers, web developers or other techies) or Other Marketers.

The reason and manner in which I want to be different is in how I communicate. My podcast isn’t going to be full of jargon, it’s not going to pretend you know about how anything works in the world of SEO or even when it comes to websites or social media. My Podcast is about education, and helping my audiences to grow online — and it is not based on the assumption of knowledge.

What I Will Be Talking About?

The Weekly SEO Andy Podcast to be truly engaging to my audience is going to split into a few distinct types.

  • Questions and Answers
    answering questions either directly sent in or common questions from clients, business owners or as seen online.
  • Latest Industry News & Its Effect
    a look at the latest news from the SEO & Online Web/Marketing world to see its impact on search and what effect it will have & whether businesses need to take any actions moving forward.
  • Interviews
    two types of interviews — one with industry experts (SEO and Web) discussing helpful experiences and how clients can grow. a second type with business owners / creators based on their experiences & answering questions.
  • SEO Tips & Tricks
    a look at how to undertake SEO from the basics to more advanced techniques, using Tips and Tricks to understand SEO.

As of writing this article, the first two episodes of Season One are available to listen too across all good podcasting services including iTunes and Acast.

Episode 1 – Google Analytics 4, Q&A

In our first episode, Andy answers questions about Google Analytics 4: Why Google ‘Killed’ Universal Analytics, What this means for Website Owners, How Long you have to move, can you move data, and what process is being advised.

If you are wondering if this is the end for Google Analytics and what the alternatives may be (because GA4 may not suit you moving forward), Andy has written this article – Andy will also be talking about it next week!

Wondering if Google Analytics is dead, find out more here.