Image by Annie Spratt

SEO Coaching

Create an actionable SEO Strategy, overseen by your team with expert help - delivering growth and an improved skillbase.

Working Together to Achieve More

SEO Coaching is a version of SEO Consultation, we sit down together over Zoom to discuss your website and your objectives (terms you may wish to rank for and issues you may have encountered).

We work together to create an ACTIONABLE step-by-step strategy which will be overseen by you and your team, with me as your coach and educator providing clear guidance and support.

The aim of SEO Coaching is not for you to simply grow and for me to undertake the work for you, but for you and your team to grow too - to gain new skills they may not have or to extend existing skillbases. 

Work usually starts with a full site on-site technical audit and evaluation to analyse your requirements and create a benchmark (before our meeting). It is from this we can really set a strategy for what must be done quickly, what can be done in the medium term and what is desirable in the longer term.