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About The Book

Written by an industry expert and founder of SEO Andy (Andy Kinsey) with over 17 years of experience, this SEO book is designed to help you get your website ranking in search regardless of size and beat the competitors in no time.

Using the book you will learn about:

Finding the ideal domain SEO name,
Keyword research for SEO,
Setting up your website structure,
Meta Tag Optimisation in 2023,
Content Optimisation for SEO,
Writing Compelling Content,
Local SEO and more!

Whether you’re a small business owner or a marketing professional, this book will provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to boost your website’s visibility and drive more traffic to your site.

We’ve written it in an easy-to-understand, beginner-friendly language so that anyone can understand and apply the concepts discussed in the book, no prior knowledge of SEO is required.

I wrote This Beginners Guide to SEO as a stepping stone for everyone who wants to learn SEO but is afraid of asking questions, this is a no-jargon, no-fuss book to kick-start your SEO journey.
Andy Kinsey, Author

About the author.

Andy Kinsey - SEO Author and Speaker

Founder of SEO Andy, a boutique Digital Marketing Agency in Salford, Manchester. Andy has over 17 years SEO Experience. As well as being an industry veteran and author of several e-books, Andy is the host of The SEO Podcast a weekly digital marketing podcast.

Before founding his own agency, Andy was Head of SEO at a Marketing Agency (twice) and has been an Elected Public Official. There hasn’t been an industry Andy’s Digital Marketing work hasn’t touched in the past decades, from Charity and Startup’s to FinTech and Health Care, as well as Publishing and Adult. 

Andy Kinsey

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