A Resource for Website Owners

All of Googles Confirmed Algorithm Updates, Now Listed in One Place

A Resource for Website Owners

May 2022, saw the first big Google Search Update for around 6 months. Those website owners and business owners who were caught unawares, were likely bit with a traffic decrease as the two week’s of the update dragged on.


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Those who are more keenly aware of Google Algorithm Updates over the past few years, aware that there are often upto 6 or 7 updates a year, will have noted we haven’t had an update in a while — and this update was likely to be a ‘big boy’. (and so were prepared).

I have spoken at some length about the May 2022 update in my podcast, so I am not going to go over old ground here — but there was plenty to see and it was genuinely content focused in my view, though as a core update it will have impacted almost every part of the ranking algorithm in some form.

But with the first ‘big’ update of the year, the question on the lips of many website owners is ‘where can i find out more information about google updates’

Information About Google Updates for Website Owners

In reality there are very few sources about Google Updates aimed at website owners. Indeed, there isn’t many even for SEO experts either — we discuss the updates in forums and the use the data we have to understand impact and what is likely to be in the update.

However, there are now two sources you can go to to understand updates as a website owner — these are truly reliable sources:

  1. Google Search Ranking Updates — a new section of their developer notes, which allows website owners and developers to understand a little about what is in the ‘confirmed’ updates. 
    The key here is that these are only the confirmed (larger) updates and not the regular smaller updates we may see from week to week which are likely to have an impact on various industries or category of website.
  2. Moz Google Update History — a hugely reliable history of Google Search Updates, without the jargon. Letting website owners understand both confirmed and unconfirmed updates as time goes by, this is often a week or so behind updates so beware of this. However, it will reference back to other updates if it believes it is an update or included.

Of course there are other great resources for finding detail on specific updates if you have been effected or you are just generally interested. Websites such as Search Engine Journal and Search Engine Roundtable offer invaluable information (as well as links to further information too).

Of course there is also a world of Podcasts too for SEO and Digital Marketing, including my own which you can get over on iTunes or Youtube.

Aside from the SEO Andy Podcast, some of my go to podcasts include:

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