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How to find the perfect keywords [short tutorial]

On my other blog (FindTheGaps), I've written before about using non-competitive keywords to advance ranking.

In that article, I talk about using SEMRush and Ahrefs as part of your SEO Toolbelt to discover these keywords, but you can also use them to discover keywords that will enhance your content all round and ensure your content generally ranks better from the start - and not just for non-competitive terms.

To help with this question, one which I get asked by many clients - "how do i find good keywords?"

I created a short tutorial video using SEMRush. You can follow along step by step and to do so you will need an account, but you can sign up for a free trial (don't worry you can cancel anytime!) Use THIS LINK to get your trial today.

All these learnings are applicable to any keyword system, they all give you the same type of information from global search volume to local search volume and competitive level / difficulty. This guide will steer you through how to make the choices for your content.


Disclaimer: Some links in this article are affiliate links, these help content on this website, blog, podcast to remain free. These cost you nothing, they ensure content can continue in production and continue to improve. By signing up for a trial, or buying a product or service - we get a small % or small £ back each time. It's similar to advertising but we only link to affiliates we know and trust. Adverts are based on your browsing history (in general).

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