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SEO for Medium

On a platform which allows everyone to become a publisher, an author, a writer or indeed a journalist, SEO becomes more vital than ever before.

That isn't just because SEO helps your articles to rank highly on search engines, but because use of search optimisation techniques means that articles will be well-researched and well-written, helping them to be found much more often through Medium's own search mechanisms and through curation on the platform.

This SEO for Medium article is based on my Medium article "The Medium Writers Cheat Sheet" which is built on my multiple years experience on Medium - You can read it here

In this tutorial "SEO for Medium" we look at the exact steps you will need to undertake to optimise your articles on

** These optimisation steps include **

What all Medium articles should include to be successful :

> How to perform Keyword Research & what tools to use > Links below - How to SEO Optimise your content on Medium > How to Optimise your Meta Tags > Using Medium Tags for Best Effect > How to use the Custom URL on Medium

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