As the coronavirus continues to disrupt the world, the way that people live their lives continues to change. One significant change that has occurred is how people shop. Lockdowns and the closure of non-essential retail stores have left many bricks and mortar businesses struggling for survival. In stark contrast, online retail has been given an enormous boost in the current situation. ,Research suggests that online spending in May 2020 rose by 77 percent from the same time last year, equating to $82.5 billion spent by consumers. While this is bad news for bricks and mortar retail, it presents online retailers with a unique opportunity to ,build their market share and increase sales.


If you are looking for ways to drive your e-commerce store to greater success and give your sales figures a boost, why not try some of these tips to help you get started?

What is User Experience (UX)?

User experience is often shortened to UX and refers to the experience that visitors to your website have when using it. When thinking about the user experience of your website, you will need to consider both practical and aesthetic elements of the ,site’s design and build.


For example, is the site attractive to look at, or does it look outdated and unprofessional? Is it easy for visitors to navigate? Can potential customers find the information that they need quickly, or do they need to scour the whole site to find it? Asking these questions will help you view your website from a different perspective and to spot any potential issues that your customers may face when using the website.

The Importance of User Experience (UX)

User experience is a valuable tool for e-commerce store owners and is a topic that has achieved increased attention in recent years. Perfecting your user experience can have many benefits for your online store, including increased sales and attracting more visitors to your site.


If your site’s UX is a little hit and miss at the moment, then taking the time to work on improving it should help you to see some significant benefits and give your conversion rates a boost.

Boosting Conversion Rates

Your ,conversion rates are a crucial measure of the health of your e-commerce business. If you are getting lots of page views but few sales, it is time to address the issue and to help your business sell more products. There are many ways that you can enhance your site’s UX and increase conversion rates.


An excellent way to boost sales is to ensure that questions customers may ask are quickly answered so that they don’t prevent the customer from making a purchase. Live chat plugins are an excellent tool for this, as customers can have their questions answered instantly at any time, which removes barriers to them completing the purchase. Take a look at ,wordpress live chat plugins reviewed to pick the best plugin for your site and then monitor the impact that it has on your conversion rates.


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