How to Bump Your Search Rankings

Non-Competitive Keywords You Can Rank For on Google


Ranking your website, regardless of niche, can be tricky.

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But did you know that there is one trick that can really help, especially if you are looking at local search.

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What if I told you that you could rank your local business for terms such as “barbershop near me” or “nail salon near me”.

The reason this is possible isn’t by some quirk, but its through simple research using SEO tools available on ( and SEMRush (Semrush) which tell you how difficult a keyword may be to rank for and much search volume there is. Together these metrics indicate just how worth such a keyword such as Barbershop Near Me would be worth including in a website and social media campaign to enhance search rankings.

But such keywords as these two are not alone.

The majority of “near me” terms are low difficulty to rank for, this means very low competition levels — this is the case even though search volumes are high for these terms. This includes terms such as “dessert near me” (who doesn’t want to know where to find cake!) and “liquor stores near me”, “tacos near me”, “Italian restaurant near me”, along with “florist near me”, “hardware store near me” and multiple others — all of which have a keyword difficulty of less than 5 but a search volume greater than 100,000!

These are local terms, but there are many others, all you need to do is go to the relevant too and order by Keyword Difficulty and/or Traffic. Perhaps include a single keyword from your market or a lower level of traffic to get you started.

How to Use These Keywords to Rank

Whilst these keywords may seem generic, it is important to make them quite specific to your website or article.

For example whilst there are many other keywords available I’ve only here spoke about the subsection of “near me” which is also relevant to the previous article I have written about. This is because it enhances the chances of search terms ranking overall, but also because it means the terms work together.

If these terms were used on a site you would use them as directions “which florist is near me” on a specific florist page from a question, with instructions on how to get there from a well-known town location. Embedding such keywords not only enhances the content on the page for a user but can enhance search results as questions are becoming commonplace (examples of google people also ask below) both on desktop search and within voice search (with answers read aloud).


Image: Google Search Results

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