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Whether you are looking to bolster your marketing team, an SME looking for external help, or a start-up looking for advice – our SEO Consulting service is the perfect solution for you.

SEO Consultant in Manchester

Accelerate Your SEO

SEO Consulting is the ideal solution for any business looking for a SEO ‘helping hand’. Whether that is because they need to fill a skills gap in their team, they need an experienced SEO (Andy has almost 20 years) or you are looking to simply get a few questions answered on a specific SEO issue that may be holding your site back in search rankings.

SEO Consulting with SEO Andy is always made to measure where you require more than an hour or two of Andy’s time – that’s because no two projects are the same, and we know that you will want to check you are getting the right thing too. 

Businesses who come to us on for a one-off consultation, or on a regular basis for SEO Consultancy have benefited from amazing results, delivered by our founder Andy Kinsey usually via online video conferencing. 

Booking an SEO Consultation

How to Book an SEO Consultation

Step 1) Complete the form to the right, it helps us to understand exactly how much time you need and whether your consultation is best split into multiple sessions.

Step 2) We email back, let you know the what we recommend and what slots we have available in the next week or two.

Step 3) You agree to a time and make payment.

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SEO Consultancy FAQ’s

How much does SEO Consultancy cost?

Typically, we charge for our SEO Consultant service by the hour (£75) with a discount when multiple hours are purchased in a single booking – and a similar discount is available when booking a monthly consultation service. 

This may sound expensive, however, the SEO Consultation time can be used for almost anything you and your marketing team need – from understanding Analytics and a Training Session to creating a new SEO strategy. SEO Consulting when used correctly is really cost effective for each business, and can be thought of as a ‘borrowed brain’ within your marketing team.

What can you provide as an SEO Consultant?

Within the SEO Consultancy, we offer a huge range of discussions and strategic offerings, delivered via 1-2-1 or team zoom/team calls (these can be delivered in person for an additional cost).

With 18+ years SEO and Digital Marketing experience, Andy can answer any questions you may have and help to fix problems. Andy’s experience doesn’t just cover SEO, but also Adwords, Email Marketing, Funnels, Analytics, Social Media and more. 

Via the SEO Consulting service, Andy also delivers SEO & Digital Marketing training courses.

How will an SEO Consultant help me?

Andy knows what he is doing and is a straight talker, who has a zero-jargon policy. 

You can pay by the hour, and book an hour whenever it suits you (after the first booking you always have access to the booking calendar).

If you are looking for training, you can avoid paying for long-winded, rinse and repeat video courses – or almost no information youtube videos and instead get access to an industry experienced professional, who not only provides the training but can answer any questions as they arise.

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