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Discover the issues which are holding your website back from reaching its potential in search rankings, with our 200+ point Technical SEO Audit.

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Improve Your Website Rankings

At SEO Andy we are Technical SEO experts. Our audits don’t just scratch the surface of issues that may affect search ranking, we don’t just look to automated scans.

Instead, we use a combination of scans and manual code checks to understand what is really causing issues with your website, and what is holding your rankings back from their potential and we work with you to resolve those issues.

Our SEO Site Audits are tried and tested over the almost 20 years to find what works – what delivers results time and time again. 

We have cut the jargon – we only produce PDF reports when you want them – and instead we focus on actionable and priority-led reporting. 

But don’t worry, we know that you probably still need to report how things have improved – so we employ a simple health tracker, enabling you to see how issues have been resolved overtime – and we can track keyword ranking if you wish.

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SEO Website Audit FAQ’s

Does it matter what content management system (CMS) my website uses?

It doesn’t matter which CMS you website is using, our 200+ point SEO Audit will enable you to improve your organic rankings and traffic. As part of our technical checks through scans and manual code checking, we take into account your content system (whether WordPress, Wix, Magento or something else) and take the CMS into account when reporting back issues which need fixing.

I have an online shop, can I get a website audit?

Yes, unlike many SEO Audit Services we don’t charge extra to look at e-commerce pages and make recommendations when booking directly via

Our SEO Website Audit service covers your entire website from standard information / brochure pages to blog, service and of course your product pages. We look at everything technical in our audit and will ensure you know how to improve your website – and what will make the biggest impact.


How long does an SEO Website Audit take?

Depending on the size and nature of your website, we typically deliver SEO Audits in 5 to 10 working days.

For recurring (monthly) SEO Audits, we contact you directly to organise a delivery date each month, which works for you and your team – and any internal planning or reporting you may need to do. This can be adjusted at any time.

How much does an SEO Audit cost?

The cost of an SEO Website Audit varies depending on the size of your website – we also offer a discount for those who opt for Monthly SEO Audits.

Our Monthly Audits start at just £149 for small websites, whilst one-off SEO Audits begin at £195.

We also offer smaller audits to enable you to see if our audits are right for your business, get one here.


Do you fix the issues found in the SEO Audit?

In purchasing an SEO Audit, we do not include fixes or optimisations. We do include a 30-minute consultation entirely free to explain our findings with each report, however.

If you go on to employ SEO Andy to undertake the work to fix and optimise your website, we will give you 10% off our monthly SEO service for the lifetime of the service contract.

How often should you perform an SEO Audit?

We recommend undertaking an SEO Website Audit (Technical) each month to track the progress of work being undertaken – and how the website is changing with the content being inserted, this is regardless of website size.

On top of this, as a separate series of audits, we would recommend Content Audits (against competitors) and Backlink Audits (for improved backlinks etc). We undertake these only as part of our Monthly SEO Service.

What will be delivered?

As part of an SEO Andy Audit, either one-off or each month, we deliver a spreadsheet of issues – checked against our 200+ point checklist, with instructions on how to correct the issue and why the issue is essential for organic search, a summary email of findings (with zero jargon) and we include a 30-minute consultation to discuss the issues found (we offer a 50% discount on booking more consulting time if you need more).

For Monthly SEO Audit, we also include a SEO Health Tracker – ensuring you can see how issues increase/decrease each month and which sections, in particular, this is the case (so you can focus in on these areas).

For an SEO Audit do you need any special Access to my website?

We don’t need any special access to your website, our scans are done externally – though if your website is not live yet and behind a password we will need this. 

If your website is large, we may ask for access to Analytics or Google Search Console, this enables our scanners to find all pages within your website.

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