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We combine technical excellence with informative content and deep data analysis, SEO Andy's SEO services get businesses to the top of search ranking helping to ensure clicks and we keep them there.

SEO Services in Manchester

Search Rankings can't be bought, they are earned. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services are planning and building for the future, and through an in-depth process of auditing, analysis & research we can accelerate your business SEO growth online at SEO Andy.

We have years of experience in working across B2B and B2C clients. Working within industries from retail and leisure to finance, publishing and charities. At SEO Andy, if you name a sector, we've probably worked with it (and still do).

For us each business and each sector is unique, we don't ever look at two businesses as the same - we know that two start-ups may not have the same funding or the same background - we know the two fintech orgs may not have the same outcome requirements - and we know that two publishers may not want the same results as one may want ad revenue results and the other sales of books. All organisations are different and we value this in our work.

At SEO Andy we work closely with partner agencies to provide a complete marketing solution, whether this is through further advertising (TV or in print) or through further branding advice, for example. We are always able to help.

SEO services in manchester

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About Our  SEO Services

  • We are experts in Technical SEO. Whether you have a large news publishing website with millions of users a month, a small charitable website or a growing e-commerce store - we can help you to understand the technical issues you are facing; from Page Loading Issues (CLS) and Structured Data (Schema) to Internationalisation Issues (see below).


    Our approach is to offer clear, no-jargon recommendations - giving you and your team all of the data we have access too (you own it), we can then help you implement those recommendations or your team can.

    We will always be around to help if you need us.

  • Market Research is the key to staying ahead of competitors in organic search. Our expert team work hard to consistently research gaps in the market and look to ensure your website and it's content (as well as off-site support) will mean you rank ahead of competition.

  • We offer no-fuss, no-jargon analytics - this often means upgrading site tagging to allow for better event and goal tracking. We look at your business in the round to understand your needs; whether you wish to track simply website visitors or every users in your eco-system (for example within your email newsletters, telephone tracking from your website and more). Our systems look to output data on a constant basis, ensuring you can take quick decisions - ensuring your process is accelerated and speeding up the growth process.

  • Experts in International SEO, we offer a specialist global technical audits, translation services and hyper-local citation services - ensuring your local language websites rank well internationally in any language. 

    Our international SEO services include bespoke translation services.

  • SEO Andy provides SEO Services & Web Design Services on a retained White Label basis for other agencies and large clients. Our white label seo services include seo audits (technical and content), campaign management, client management and more.

    Our White Label Services are designed with Agencies in mind, with our team acting entirely as a part of your operation rather than as a separate entity. This helps things to run smoothly, clients expectations are met and more profit can be made.

    White Label SEO Services from SEO Andy are more like SEO Partnerships, offering your agency the chance to quickly add expertise without the burden of a huge staff over head, enabling you to grow your client base and your profit.

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